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Author of the novels The Egg Code and Pike's Folly, two short fiction collections, and the novella Nada.

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News - 2/1/14 - Out now, Mike Heppner's new collection of short fiction and essays, This Can Be Easy or Hard.  Click here to order.

Praise for This Can Be Easy or Hard:

"Heppner does a very rare thing – he captures delicate human moments without being precious. Floating like dust in afternoon sunlight, his scenes are illuminated bits of life made strangely beautiful and poignant by his storytelling. Bound together by self-effacing humor, his work is deeply-affecting and well-observed. This collection of short stories murders everything but the undeniable throb of life and love." —Zaron Burnett III, author of How Do I Survive This Sh*t? and Love, Sex and Other Things You Might Find at the Airport

Also available from Kindle Singles, Mike Heppner's new novella, Nada.

In this darkly funny and often unsettling novella, Mike Heppner (The Egg Code, Pike's Folly,The Man Talking Project) introduces readers to Nada Zilch, a social omnivore and reality TV star with a taste for staying up all night and pushing people's buttons. Always the loudest, smartest voice in the room, Nada has chosen her victim for the night: Billy Gallagher, an NYU professor who is struggling to put his own excesses behind him. What starts out as a business proposition between two strangers quickly evolves into a cackling ride through Manhattan at night, where the laughs are all fake, the drinks are all paid for, and the buzz and the hangover merge into violence at first light.


"Seemingly taking cues from the earlier works of Bret Easton Ellis, Heppner's tale alternates seamlessly between hypnotically mundane and fever-induced nightmare... a fascinating (if somewhat depressing) work... (the character of) Billy may be type who can't write, and thus, as the saying goes, teaches, but Heppner is clearly the type who can, and does—beautifully."
- Thin Reads (highest rating)

"In Nada, a fever dream of a story, Mike Heppner writes with both humor and a no-holds-barred authority about one crazy, booze- and drugs-fueled night in lower Manhattan. It's a fantastic, utterly compelling read; I dare you to put it down."
- Mako Yoshikawa, author of One Hundred and One Ways and Once Removed

Mike Heppner is also the author of the novels The Egg Code and Pike's Folly, both available as Vintage Contemporaries, and the short fiction collection The Man Talking Project, from Another Sky Press.  His writing has appeared in Poets & Writers, Esquire Online, Nerve, Golden Handcuffs Review, Wild Rag, and The New Guard

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