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Update: 7/27/15. Dutch Kills Press has just published a new story by Mike Heppner, "Coasters."  Get it here.

Out now: Mike Heppner's new novel, We Came All This Way, available in paperback or as an e-book from Thought Catalog Books.

Click here to read the first two chapters of We Came All This Way.

Kirkus Reviews raves about We Came All This Way: 
"Heppner has an excellent ear for sly, revealing dialogue... His characters are sharply individual and well-delineated. Rosie's account of her life—a string of bad decisions that she doubles down on—is engrossing and well-told... (and) the narrative voice is articulately intelligent and observant... Well-written and intriguing."

We Came All This Way is the story of Roseanne Okerfeldt, a thirty-one year old mother of four who finds her life in Grand Rapids, Michigan stultifying and runs off with her brother and eldest child to live on a decommissioned oil rig in the middle of the North Atlantic.  There, Roseanne and the thirty-seven other residents of "Mobility" (as they call their new home) struggle against the elements and their own basic oddness to establish an independent society based on utopian principles of cooperation and self-sufficiency. As the months pass, the pressure increases on Roseanne to return to Michigan and confront her former life, while Mobility itself—with its delicate balance of extreme personalities—splinters toward chaos.

Roseanne tells her own story in a comic, aware, and self-deprecating voice, starting with her childhood in suburban Ohio, her early marriage and pregnancies, and her experiences on Mobility, which involve pirate attacks, the vague omens of a Belgian soothsayer, and a man with blue skin. We Came All This Way is about finding a place in the world and trying to grow up before your kids do.

"One hell of a good book! Funny and sad—and fiercely original—with a raucous cast of characters who are both flawed and yet perfectly rendered. For anyone who has ever dreamed of carving out a world for themselves on the far side of nowhere."
- Will Ferguson, author of 419

We Came All This Way
is Mike Heppner's first novel in nine years.

Mike Heppner is the author of two other novels, The Egg Code and Pike's Folly, a novella, Nada, and two collections of short fiction, The Man Talking Project and This Can Be Easy or Hard.
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